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  NJASL Membership Has Its Benefits

NJASL works on behalf of all NJ school librarians.

NJASL provides to all:

  1. Advocacy support to help with job loss and book challenges.

  2. Advocacy support to help strengthen school library media positions

  3. Professional development opportunities.

  4. Receive Updates with respect to state initiatives and legislation.

Members receive additional special benefits:

  1. Access to the NJASL electronic discussion list (Google discussion group).
  2. Access to Battle of the Books program resources
  3. Attend Board Meetings
  4. Receive Bookmark – our monthly newsletter providing industry news, updates and events. 
  5. Receive conference and workshops discounts.
  6. Free Mentoring for new hires.
  7. Multiple Scholarship opportunities
  8. Network with over six hundred professionals
  9. Run for board positions
  10. Serve on committees and volunteer groups
  11. Voting rights
  12. SGOs and curriculum resources
  13. YouTube offerings
  14. Access to the Members Only section of the website

Becoming a member is a very important way for you to develop professionally and have input on the future of our profession and the programs we oversee.

Please send membership-related inquiries to:

Add a pin for your school on our state map !

NJASL Member Map

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