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NJASL Honored Members

President's Award Winners:

The President's Award is given by the NJASL president to the following individuals who have honored and advanced the profession of school library media specialists.

2020: Angela Crockett Coxen
2019: Jean Stock
2018: LaDawna Harrington
2017: Joanne Roukens
2016: Amy Rominiecki
2015: Karen Brill
2014: Fran King
2013: Pat Massey
2012: Sophie Brookover
2011: Leslie Blatt
2010: Mary Moyer
2009: Mary K. Lewis
2008: Alice Yucht
2007: Susan Heinis
2006: Nina Kemps
2005: Pam Chesky
2004: Jackie Gould
2003: Connie Hitchcock
2002:  Lois Wilkins
2001:  Connie Paul
2000:  Hilda Weisburg
1999: Dagmar Finkle
1998: Michelle Marhefka
1997: Carol C. Kuhlthau
1996: Phyllis Anker
1995: Pat Morris
1994: Elspeth Goodin
1993: Sheila Berkelhammer
1992: Joyce Pickering
1991: Georgia Polhemus
1990: Mary Jane McNally
1989: Ruth Toor
1988: Marjorie Horowitz
1987: Carolyn Markuson
1986: Jean E. Harris
1985: Bob Ruezinsky
1984: Albert H. Saley
1983: Selma Rohrbacher
1982: Arabelle Pennypacker
1981: Anne E. Voss
1980: Mary Virginia Gaver

Congratulations to our

~2020 Award Winners~

President's Award Honoree

Angela Crockett Coxen

Lifetime Membership Recipient

Fran King

Honorary Members: 

Honorary membership has been granted to the following people who have made a significant contribution to further school library media programs in New Jersey

Mike Eisenberg

Bonnie Kunzel

Peg Lawlor

Joanne Roukens

Renee Becker Swartz

Dr. M. Jerry Weiss

Author -Illustrator Award Winners:

The following authors and illustrators have been recognized for their contribution to literature in New Jersey.

2020 - Wil Mara

2019 - Brian Lies

2018 – Wendy Maas

2017 – David Lubar

2016 – Trinka Hakes Noble

2014 – Carol Plumb-Ucci

2013 - Linda Bozzo

2012 – Jordan Sonnenblick

2011 – Brian Selznick

2009 – Pat Brisson

2008 – Dan Gutman

Lifetime Membership

Lifetime membership has been granted to the following  NJASL members who have made a significant contribution to the organization and the profession

Phyllis Anker

Leslie Blatt

Elsie Brainard

Pam Chesky

Dagmar Finkle

Phyllis A. Fyfe

Elspeth Goodin

Jacqueline Gould

Susan Heinis

Connie Hitchcock

Maeline Ianni

Nina Kemps

Fran King

Dr. Carol Kuhlthau

Michele Marhefka

Pat Massey

Pat Morris

Connie Paul

Mary Jane Smith

Hilda Weisburg

Lois Wilkins

Mildred Younger

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