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School Library Legislation - New Jersey


Updated 5/2021 

School Library Legislation

A248 / S3464 (Information Literacy)

Assembly Sponsors: Assemblymen Daniel Benson and Wayne DeAngelo (LD 14)

Mila Jasey (LD 27) - Education Committee, Vice Chair, Higher Education

Co-Sponsors: Asw. Sumter (LD35), Asw. Carol Murphy (LD 7),

Asm. Robert Karabinchak (LD18)

Senate Sponsors: Senator Mike Testa (LD1), Senator Vin Gopal (LD11), Senator Anthony Bucco (LD30)

S1586 (Requires ratio of SLMS to students)

Sponsors - Senate: Jim Beach (LD6) - Education Committe, Linda Greenstein (14),

Co-Sponsors: Shirley Turner (15) Education Committee

Google Document with complete details.

Links to Current proposed legislation:

For more information: School Library Legislation Supporters and their Districts

Here's a link to find your legislators:

Please take a few minutes to review the sponsors of these bills.  If your legislator is listed as a sponsor, please thank them for their sponsorship.  If your legislator is not listed as a sponsor, please call or email their office to ask them to sponsor the bill.   Click on this link to find your legislator.

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