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Spring 2022: Educational Viewpoints

Action Plan for School Resource Challenges: Resources and Suggestions for Preparing and

Managing Materials Challenges BY NASL Advocacy Team: Tara Cooper-Weiss, Steve Tetreault, Tricina Strong-Beebe and Ewa D. Elliott

June 2022: NJEA Review: Use Your Voice to Oppose Censorship

April 22, 2022: Publisher's Weekly: IBPA Tackles Book Bans

April 22, 2022: The Star Ledger:  Some N.J. schools under siege from those trying to get books on race, LGBTQ+ pulled from shelves 

Books on LGBTQ+ persons and material that is assumed to be related to Critical Race Theory or the Black Lives Matter movement has been primarily targeted by those seeking to ban books from schools. Carlin Stiehl | 

By Vashti Harris | NJ Advance Media for 

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March/April issue of School Library Connection: Coordinate and Advocate to Elevate Our Profession by Beth Thomas

March 21, 2022  President-Elect Ewa Dziedzic-Elliott presents testimony before the NJ Board of Education

Testimony on the Proposed State Budget 

New Jersey Association of School Librarians (NJASL) 

March 21, 2022 

Knowledge Quest articles by Steve Tetreault; NJASL's Member at Large; on Book Challenges

Book Challenges: Coming Soon to a School Near You?

Book Challenges Part 2: A Resource Handbook

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